My Advisor

CzarneckiLeszek-600.jpg Dr. Leszek S. Czarnecki, IEEE Life Fellow, Ph.D., D.Sc., is Titled Professor of Technological Sciences of Poland, Distinguished Professor at Louisiana State University, received M.S., Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees from Gliwice University of Technology, Poland. From 1984 he was employed for two years as a Visiting Research Officer at National Research Council (NRC) of Canada. Currently he is with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Louisiana State University, USA. Dr. Czarnecki developed the Currents’ Physical Components (CPC) – based power theory of electrical systems with nonsinusoidal and asymmetrical voltages and currents, currently a leading power theory, which explains all physical phenomena in systems with nonsinusoidal and asymmetrical voltages and currents and provides fundamentals for measurements and compensation in such systems. For this contribution to electrical engineering Dr. Czarnecki was elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow and nominated to IEEE Steinmetz Award. For a public activity in United States of America on behalf of Poland acceptance in NATO, Dr. Czarnecki was decorated by the President of Poland with the Knight Cross of the Medal of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Dr. Czarnecki was also involved in mountaineering, diving and underwater photography. He claimed Lhotse (No. 4 of the World) in Himalayas (8350m); the main ridge of Ruwenzori Mountains in Central Africa (19 summits of average high of 5000m), Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya; traversed on ski (500km) Spitsbergen in deep Arctic; claimed in Alps and in Andes and he also claimed solo McKinley (6190m), the highest mountain in North America. (,